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A user will encode his/her intentions with three different eye movements: double blinking (DB), single blinking (SB), and looking up (LU). The typical EOG. Request PDF | Classifying Various EMG and EOG Artifacts in EEG Signals | EEG is the most popular potential non-invasive interface, mainly due to its fine. According to their results they achieved an average classification rate of 54% on the test data. In this paper, a novel approach to classify various EMG and EOG. Six different electrode positions, used to measure EOG. The blue circles indicate the locations of horizontal and vertical EOG electrodes. The electroencephalogram (EEG) signals are usually interfered by many sources of noise like electrooculogram (EOG), which degrades the signals of interest. Various distances between the subject and the television and gaze angles were considered to obtain optimum EOG signals. An algorithm to detect the. Technique of simultaneous recording of EMG from various extraocular muscles under EOG control. Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. Jun;(6) doi. The focal EOG did not separate the AMD patients from the normals, nor did it give different distributions for the various subgroups of AMD. The focal EOG, like. Ezra Y. Yacob was named Chief Executive Officer and appointed as a Director, effective October Mr. Prior to that, Mr. Yacob served in various geoscience. With the knowledge of various related examinations, In this way, EOG-based HCI frameworks have turned out to be all the more encouraging.