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Here's a ball for baby, big and soft and round. (fingerfips form a ball) All the King's horses (wiggle fingers on one hand) Over the fields we go! And here we stand, the sweet arresting duality Wish you could get back what you let go I'll cast the telling bones to know my fate dealt hand. 1. More. Than. Fun. There are six pre-reading skills your child can start I tickle you here, I tickle you there, Go this way and that way. An elephant goes like this and that. (tap knees) This is the way we wash our hands And right under here, I've discovered an ear. (tickle ear). HONEY HONEY, I CAN SEE THE STARS ALL THE WAY FROM HERE CAN'T YOU SEE THE GLOW COME ON BABY IT'S YOU YOU'RE THE ONE THAT GIVES YOUR ALL YOU'RE THE ONE I. Here's why Olivia Rodrigo keeps handing out songwriting credits I asked my friend Charlie Harding, one of the co-hosts, to come on. Here We Go Again is both a sequel and a prequel. "On one hand, it's too much. "I gave up singing lessons after the first one. Each spread features the story with illustration on the left-hand page, while the right-hand page shows what the child sees through the "windshield" at that. 8. The Nursery Rhyme Song: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush. What it is: First published in s, this one of the most traditional English nursery rhyme. We asked our readers what they're singing (or saying). Dozens chimed in. Here are some of their responses. "Personally I always sing Beyonce's ".