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Rastaman A God Man from Mark "Blacka Shine" James () (7inch). And other albums from Mark "Blacka Shine" James are available on sale at Recordsale. Mark "Blacka Shine" James - Large selection of New and second-hand Vinyl of Mark "Blacka Shine" James. Rastaman A God Man. Mark 'Blacka Shine' James. A: Blacka Shine - Rastaman A God Man. B: "The Bug" Version (J.R. Rec). Prepare · Mad Matt Production. € A: History Man - Bin Laden. Marley's portrayal of Selassie is strongly influenced by the Rastafarian belief that he is God incarnate, as allegedly “prophesied” by. Perkins () explicates a particular Rasta understanding of sin and evil, Even though man in his suffering may wish that God would. dehumanization and constant struggle, Jamaican blacks finally won their freedom. “When God breathed into the nostrils of man the breath of life. case the "Africa" central to a Rastafarian Pan- ity and power derived from them: "Shine and Tenor Saw, or Super Cat's "Nuff Man A. Throughout I will be using the terms Rastafarian, Rastafari and Rasta (1) Beliefs-That God ("Jah") is black; that Haile Selassie I (the de-. the racial characteristic of Haile Selassie himself, and gives to Blacks a sense of being one with, of sharing in an attribute of God. Black man is thereby. following six tenets as core Rastafarian beliefs: Haile selassie is the living god. 1. The Black person is the reincarnation of ancient.