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All Saints Church Gresford

The Green
North Wales.
LL12 8RG
Tel: 01978 852236
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The Organ

The first organ in the church was a barrel organ installed on a gallery in the tower in 1813. This was replaced in 1871 by a new two manual and pedal instrument built by William Hill and Son of London, at a cost of £500. In 1912, Hill rebuilt and enlarged this instrument to three manuals at a cost of £1300. The fine case was designed by the famous Chester architect John Douglas. The organ is considered to be of cathedral standard.

Click here to listen to the Organ!!
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It has a three manual, detached console with the following pipe stops :-

Great Organ Swell Organ
Bourdon 16 Open Diapason 8
Open Diapason 1 8 Stopped Diapason 8
Open Diapason 11 8 Echo Gamba 8
Stopped Diapason 8 Voix Celeste 8
Principal 4 Principal 4
Harmonic Flute 4 Fifteenth 2
Twelfth 2 2/3 Mixture 111
Fifteenth 2 Horn 8
Mixture 111 Oboe 8
Trumpet 8 Clarion 4

Choir Organ Pedal Organ
Dulciana 8 Acoustic Bass 32
Gamba 8 Open Diapason 16
Lieblich Gedacht 8 Bourdon 16
Wald Flute 4 Bass Flute 8
Clarinet 8 Octave 8


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